Biological Samples and Laboratory Reagents

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Shipping Biological and Laboratory Samples

We understand the value of your work

Whether it be manufacturing or research, we recognize the time and effort invested in months or years of research. Hence, our service in shipping your biological samples and laboratory reagents is guaranteed for safety, and reliability. 

We at Faspace are experts in international shipping  of your biological samples and laboratory reagents. Additionally, we can provide you with the appropriate temperature-controlled solutions. Such as Dry-Ice and Gel Packs. Thus ensuring safe and secure shipments. 

All shipping paperwork are certainly well prepared and checked thoroughly to ensure an overall smooth process. Especially for customs clearance.

Things to note

Temperature Controlled

Shipping biological samples and laboratory reagents commonly require temperature controlled solutions. Discuss with us what is the best option to ensure validity throughout your consignment.


When shipping biological samples and laboratory reagents, certain products may require approval or relevant licensing for either import or export. Aside for compliance purposes, proper licensing also ensures a smooth customs clearance. For more info on licensing of controlled goods and Competent Authorities in Singapore, click here.

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