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Shipping Clinical Trials and Pharmaceuticals

We understand the critical nature

Undoubtedly, special care is taken when overseeing the shipping of clinical trials and pharmaceuticals. Our experience in handling the shipping of clinical trials ensure no risks of excursions. Whether the protocol consists of a single shipment or a long-term study, we are critical of every shipment. 

We are also very committed to providing an efficient and reliable service. Therefore, we always plan for the quickest routes and eliminate any risks where possible. Our team of experts not only  aim to win your confidence, but also the confidence of your customers and patients. 

Things to note

Temperature Controlled

Shipping clinical trial samples and materials commonly require temperature controlled solutions. Discuss with us what is the best option to ensure validity throughout the consignment.


When shipping your clinical trials, the protocol must be licensed accordingly. Aside for compliance purposes, proper licensing also ensures a smooth customs clearance. For more info on licensing of controlled goods and Competent Authorities in Singapore, click here.

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