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Whether you’re in need of an import or export shipping service, the logistics process can be overwhelming. Don’t worry as we are here to help you throughout your shipping experience. So let us help you plan your next shipment. We’d love to work with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can check the Singapore Customs website if your goods are restricted from being imported/exported. 

Certain items that are classified as controlled goods may require pre-approval or licensing from a competent authority(CA) prior to shipping. We would first need to identify the HS classification of your goods. We will then be able to identify which CA to approach. Approval and licensing is subjected to the CA.

You can also fill out our Contact Us or Request for Quotation form and we will be delighted to assist you. 

Paperwork and licenses required depends on multiple factors. Based on the accurate information provided, the appropriate Competent Authority(CA) can be contacted to verify the correct licenses and other documentation required prior to Importing/Exporting your goods. 

We can assist in providing the appropriate shipping documents where it’s required in your licensing needs. 

In short, yes.

Ensuring a smooth customs clearance depends on proper preparation of the required paperwork. We are well versed in ensuring the appropriate documentation and licenses are prepared prior to shipping your goods. Additionally, if your shipments are shipped only to our local ports/airport, we can provide the necessary to ensure your goods can clear customs accordingly.

We will also be able to provide you with the customs permit declaration only too.

Depending on the temperature requirement of your product, we can definitely provide the appropriate refrigerant for your products.

We can not only provide Dry-ice and Gel Packs, but also the packaging and material needed for a safe and secure journey for your goods.

Yes. We handle all kinds of import and export shipping services.

This includes handling logistics processes for Ocean Freight too. Whether you are planning to ship full container loads or loose cargo, we can handle the logistics accordingly. From hauling full containers to unstuffing and manpower.

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