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Cargo Clearance Permit Declaration

Hassle free customs clearance

In addition to physical shipping services, Faspace provides declaration services of customs cargo clearance permit in Singapore. We are especially experienced in customs clearance for life sciences and biotech. Because we strictly ensure all necessary documentation are properly prepared, consequently, we eliminate any issues during the customs clearance process.

More importantly, since the cargo clearance permit is overseen by Singapore government authorities, we ensure regulations and properly complied with. 

Faspace also keeps up to date with the changes in local regulatory requirements. So you can expect a smooth sailing customs clearance experience with us.

Things to note

Permit Type

There are several types of cargo clearance permit. Since permits serve different purposes, knowing your cargo movement will help determine the type of permit you need. Likewise if your shipments are registered under approved schemes. More on different permit types here.


Certain types of cargo clearance permit may require CA approved licenses. Therefore, it is important to ensure the products are licensed accordingly. This ensures a smooth customs clearance process for both import and export shipments. For more info on licensing of controlled goods and Competent Authorities, click here.

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