Dangerous Goods Shipping

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Shipping Dangerous Goods by Air Freight

We handle dangerous goods safely

Notably, we are well versed in shipping Dangerous Goods by Air Freight. Since our staff are trained in Dangerous Goods Regulations according to IATA standards, we have a strong understanding of best-practice procedures.

In addition to our knowledge of DG regulations, we also have the expertise in air export paperwork and UN packaging requirements. This includes paperwork for DG Declaration and DG Checklist. All the paperwork are pre-checked for customs clearance and flight booking thus assuring you a smooth shipping experience. Our expertise also extends to all classifications of DG cargo however, shipments are subjected to each airline’s approval for international transport. You can find out more on transportation of dangerous goods here.

Things to note


Firstly, it is important to classify the correct DG classification. The classification will determine how the goods should be packed for transport. Additionally, the classification will also determine the transport type and flight options. 

DG Declaration

A Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD) certificate is required to accompany the DG cargo during air transport. It provides all necessary information such as DG class, contact info, carrier type and packing instructions. So it is especially important to ensure all information is correctly reflected on the DGD.

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