Temperature Data Logger

temperature data logger

Shipping with Temperature Data Loggers

Temperature and data monitoring

For your shipments on trial lanes or if it requires higher priority, we can recommend shipping with a temperature data logger. As data loggers accompany the goods through transit, consequently you have accurate data of the journey to monitor and plan your shipments.

Certain models not only records data during transit, but also uploads transmits the data so you are able to view live temperature updates. Besides temperature, some data loggers can also record humidity, pressure, CO2 levels, etc. 

Things to note

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Because various temperature loggers require batteries to operate, ensure that the battery type is identified, declared, and labeled correctly to accommodate to airline restrictions.

Logistics Lorry
Temperature Controlled

Be sure to use the correct device especially when shipping with a temperature data logger. As there are various models of data loggers for different temperature ranges, using the wrong device would defeat the purpose of as a result.

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