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Biotech and Healthcare Courier

We can indeed deliver

Unlike common courier services, Faspace’s domestic service is a dedicated biotech and healthcare courier option. With our expertise in handling temperature controlled goods, we aim to guarantee the validity of any temperature controlled product we deliver. 

Our biotech and healthcare courier service also cater to various transport models in Singapore. Whether you require pick up and delivery door to door, multiple drops or island-wide. We can  surely deliver. Notably, we always plan and utilize the most efficient routes to achieve a quick turn-around time. 

Things to note

Logistics Lorry
Transportation Type

Weight and sizes of the cargo will determine the type of vehicle needed to get the job done right. Larger sized and volume cargoes will require large trucks and may even require equipment such as a forklift upon loading and unloading.

Temperature Controlled

Products that are temperature controlled must be handled according to their temp requirements. The correct use of refrigerants is important to meet and maintain the appropriate temperature for said shipments. 

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