Temperature Controlled Shipping

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Temperature Controlled Vehicles

Consistent temperature throughout

Especially when it comes to temperature controlled shipping, we can surely deliver to your final consignee according to the temperature requirements. For instance, by utilizing a TCV(Temperature Controlled Vehicle), you need not worry of excursions for your products during transportation.

While the correct temperature is set and maintained prior to loading, it is also closely monitored upon delivery. Thus ensuring a consistent temperature door to door. 

We guarantee your confidence in us to maintain the optimum temperature throughout the journey. You can learn more on temperature controlled logistics here.

Things to note

Packaging Validity

In some cases with temperature controlled shipping, a TCV is not required for delivery due to packaging validity. While in others, transporting in a TCV will ensure environmental factors will not affect the shipment’s integrity.

Logistics Lorry
Transportation Type

Notably, the weight and size of your cargo will determine the type of vehicle needed to get the job done right. The same guide applies for temperature controlled shipping too.

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