Thermal Shippers and Containers

Temperature Controlled Shippers and Refrigerated Containers

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Without a doubt, we are well versed in handling different types of thermal shippers and containers. Such as va-Q-Tainers, RKNs, RAPs, and Cryogenic shippers. Our experience and extensive knowledge in handling various shippers ensures that every type of shipper will be handled correctly.

While utilizing thermal shippers ensures your goods are kept at optimal temperature, the proper handling of the shippers is important for it to achieve its purpose. Our expertise in planning eliminates any risks of excursions due to mishandling.

Things to note

Shipper Type

Different shipper models require different handling methods. While certain models such as va-Q-tainers have validity periods, others such as RKNs can be plugged in to a socket. Notably, cryogenic shippers contain liquid nitrogen which can be replenished.

Time management
Rental Period

When leasing a thermal shipper to fulfill your shipments, take note of the lease duration. Proper planning of the flight schedules and delivery times will help to avoid additional costs caused by delays and rental extensions.

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